6 Tips for Travel Nurses to Survive Flu Season – Alabama Nursing Board Defense Lawyer – Call Today!

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6 Tips for Travel Nurses to Survive Flu Season – Alabama Nursing Board Defense Lawyer – Call Today! – (866) 348-2889

Working in various areas of the United States (or even outside of it) and moving between short-term contracts can leave travel nurses vulnerable to contagious illnesses. They often work closely with individuals who are either sick or have compromised immune systems, and frequent contact with patients makes it important to know how to prevent the flu, especially during this year’s potent influenza season.

According to the CDC, this year’s flu season is particularly intense compared to recent years. Ninety-seven pediatric deaths have been reported so far in the 2017-2018 season, which just concluded its seventh week. Forty-eight states are still reporting widespread flu outbreaks, and a cumulative rate of 74.5 laboratory-confirmed influenza-associated hospitalizations were reported per 100,000 people, the majority of whom are aged 65 or older. The flu tends to affect children and the elderly the most severely each year.


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