Career fairs are making a comeback – ANA Continues to Speak Out Against Harmful Cuts to Health Care.

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Career fairs are making a comeback – ANA Continues to Speak Out Against Harmful Cuts to Health Care. – (866) 348-2889

Sarah, a nurse job applicant at a career fair, walked down the aisle, loudly chewing gum as she pushed a stroller with a crying baby. She was wearing carpenter jeans and a tank top.

Sarah said she had a resumé somewhere, if she could find it in the diaper bag. She was making quite an impression — the recruiters were backing away as she approached. Sarah’s an example of a career fair “don’t”.

Live career fairs are thriving again: They’re filled with candidates — stellar ones and some like Sarah. Nursing shortages are making fairs a viable solution for employers aiming to attract and hire nurses who are just starting out or looking for a career change.

Some job candidates are in a position to be picky if they position themselves appropriately and professionally as solutions to organizations’ prime problem: nursing job vacancies.

Today’s career fairs are a little different from those in the past, and job candidates need to adapt. Those prior frenetic events, heavily laced with continuing education sessions and dozens of booths with giveaways and a party atmosphere, have morphed into something more intimate.


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