Is It Reportable? – ANA Continues to Speak Out Against Harmful Cuts to Health Care.

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Is It Reportable? – ANA Continues to Speak Out Against Harmful Cuts to Health Care. – (866) 348-2889

A hospital initiated an investigation related to the professional conduct of a physician who held time-limited, nonrenewable, temporary privileges at the hospital. During the investigation, the physician’s temporary privileges expired and the hospital took no further action. Should this be reported?

No. Generally, the NPDB makes no distinction between adverse actions taken with respect to temporary or permanent privileges. However, in this case, there was no resignation of privileges while under investigation because the temporary privileges expired and the physician did not have the option of renewing them. This is unlike the typical situation where regular privileges that are renewable expire during an investigation. In that situation, an action to not renew permanent clinical privileges while under investigation for issues related to professional competence or conduct is indeed considered a resignation while under investigation and should be reported.


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