Three Important Report Types – ANA Continues to Speak Out Against Harmful Cuts to Health Care.

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Three Important Report Types – ANA Continues to Speak Out Against Harmful Cuts to Health Care. – (866) 348-2889

Whether your receive or submit reports, knowing the differences between Initial Action, Revision-to-Action, and Correction Reports can help you better understand them:

  1. An Initial Action Report is a new report of a medical malpractice payment, adverse action, or judgment or conviction submitted to the NPDB. An entity that reports an initial adverse action must also subsequently report any related modification of that action.
  2. A Revision-to-Action Report is a report of an action that is related to a previous adverse action that was already reported. The Initial Action and all related Revision-to-Action reports are disclosed together.
    A hospital reports a clinical privileges action when it suspends a practitioner’s clinical privileges for 90 days for unprofessional conduct. The hospital later reduces the suspension to 45 days. Since this reduction in the length of the suspension modifies a previously reported action, the hospital must submit a Revision-to-Action Report.


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