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Helpful Tips for 2018! – Alabama Nursing Board Defense Lawyer – Call Today! – (866) 348-2889

Happy New Year, Data Bank administrators! It’s the perfect time to review your organization’s account and the associated user account(s). These tips will help you get started:

– Activate Continuous Query. Stay current with your practitioners by activating Continuous Query. Get your initial query results and free query updates on any new reports for a full year.

– Review Continuous Query enrollments. Review, cancel, or edit your enrolled practitioners to ensure they are up-to-date. Enrollments last for one year and can be manually or automatically renewed.

– Verify all user accounts. Review your user accounts and delete inactive accounts for employees who no longer work for your organization. You can also add additional roles (administrator, query, report, and billing) to each user account.
Note: You must create a unique NPDB account for every authorized user. Sharing user IDs and/or passwords is a violation of the NPDB’s Rules of Behavior.

– Update your user account or registration profile. Did your organization’s name, address, or tax ID change? Did you change your email address or phone number? You can update this and all other account information at any time.

– Review your reports. Review the reports you submitted using the Historical Report Search to ensure your organization met all NPDB reporting requirements.


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