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Understanding NPDB Reports – Alabama Nursing Board Defense Lawyer – Call Today! – (866) 348-2889

If your query response contains reports, it is necessary to thoroughly read and understand the report to accurately interpret the context and severity of the action. An NPDB report contains information regarding a medical malpractice payment or action taken against a health care practitioner, provider, or supplier. Only certain actions are reported to the NPDB.

Below is an overview of the important information included in the header, summary, sections A–F, and the footer of an NPDB report:

  • Header : At the top of each report, you will find the Data Bank Control Number (DCN), process date, page number, subject’s name, and your organization’s name as the authorized user.
  • Summary of Action : The report begins by highlighting the basic information about the subject of the report, type of report, and action details:


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